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Deorum Ski Co is a mountain essentials company that designs products with a purpose. We designed in Whistler, tested in Wanaka, and now selling around the world. Here is our super brief summary on how we got here.

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Deorum's logo development


Latin for Supreme Being. DEORUM also came from us asking some hard questions. who did we want to be as a company? W strive to make products that are nothing but the best, and empower skiers to hit that next level.

Deorum is an inflection of deus, which is in turn an o-stem derivative from *dyew- ("sky, heaven"). The literal translation can be "Supreme Being, of the gods, or of high regard".

Besides the fluff, DEORUM gives us some pretty good ideas for product names, maybe our next product will be named after Chuck Norris. Who knows.


Mountain Essentials.

Through inspiring participation in the mountains, we can better the planet - that's what we believe.

When was the last time you went for a day in the backcountry and thought to yourself that this isn't worth protecting? Exactly. The more people we can share these experiences with, the more people will advocate for the mountains. We are on a mission, and you should be too.

DSC's founder.

We are a small company that was founded by kiwi skier Ben Brough, and has been realized through an incredible amount of help from his close friends.

After spending 4 years living in the sea to sky, and doing time working for various brands such as Prior MFG designing skis, and digital marketing with Mons Royale, Ben decided to go out on his own. Using his industry knowledge & success from previous roles, Ben strived to create a business that creates amazing product while doing great things.

We are now a team of two, and will continue to grow with your support!

Ben Brough the founder of Deorum
Ben Brough the founder of Deorum
Ben Brough the founder of Deorum

Company history.

It has been a long road to get here. If you're interested, here is a [super] brief summary of our journey so far.


Design of the Rapid Video System began.

We became frustrated with deciding between filming or skiing, and we figured that there must be a better way. Aiming to make filming easier all over the mountain, and enable people to share a camera between their crew, the RAV System was born. After countless iterations, reviews, setbacks and successes, the RAV System became the world’s easiest follow cam system.

Originally hailing from NZ, our founder, Ben Brough, drew upon his years of industry experience working with Prior MFG and Mons Royale, to go out on his own. Having spent 5 years between Whistler, Revelstoke and Wanaka, Ben worked with a series of close friends to reiterate and refine the original RAV concepts into the easiest follow cam system, ever.


A company was founded.

Using newfound time during the pandemic as an opportunity to fine tune the RAV System, and confidence acquired from a series of industry accolades & recognition, Ben aimed to set a new standard for gear and business ethics in the ski industry.

DEORUM has been built to lead the industry in ski essentials.  Being born from a 9-person ski bum house that was the perfect storm of creative ideas, ruthless reviews and rigorous testing has given us a sense of grounding, and keeps us honest and true to skiers.

We want to be nothing but the best, and do nothing but good.

Mid 2021

RAV Baskets were tested & refined in Wanaka, NZ.

During the winter of 21, Ben returned to NZ to spend some time in Wanaka testing the final iterations of the RAV Powder Baskets. After a succesful season and a few small tooling changes, the product exceeded expectations and was given the green light for launch. Much of the footage that you see on this site was taken during product testing in New Zealand.

Late 2021

Mass production was secured & scheduled, while new opportunities arose.

After defeating the odds, a few sleepless nights, a lot of sweat and a fair amount of tears, the got confirmation for our first order, and positioned ourselves to launch in the spring of 2022.

While developing the RAV System, we identified a bunch more products that needed attention, and we are getting close to shking up the industry again, so keep watching this space.



We launched our first product, the RAV Powder Baskets. 

We have finally put our money where our mouth is, and if you are reading this, we were successful in bringing this product to market.

We are skiers, just like you, so show some love, give us some support, reach out with any questions and help a couple of skiers get after it.