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Deorum Ski Co using the RAV powder baskets
Install guide

How to install the RAV System

The RAV system is designed to be compatible with most industry standard ski poles that have a threaded basket attachment. For best results, an adjustable ski pole is best - the longer your stick, the better the clip.

1. Check if your ski poles have a threaded basket attachment.

2. Remove your old baskets

3. Thread on your new baskets while pushing them on at the same time to initiate the thread.

4. Put a GoPro in your pocket and go ski with your crew.

Quick Tip:
Your local ski shop can often install new "ferrules" to your ski poles that have threaded attachments. If your poles don't have threaded basket attachments currently, check in with your local store and see if they stock them.

How to identify if your poles are compatible with RAV baskets
How to install your RAV Powder Baskets
Jacob throwing down a cork three off the Cardrona park jumps
Pro tips

Filming techniques & angles

Follow cams are easy as long as you know how. We have a few pro-tips that will make your follow cams world-class, with ease.

Follow slightly off to the side. The classic follow cam angle is directly behind your buds. We normally find this works best if you are slightly off to one side, so as they spin a trick, they can drift towards or away from you.

Side on is best for rails/ jibbing. This technique is easy for park skiing, and is easy to adjust speed and distance accordingly.

The RAV system is designed to hold the GoPro upside down. The camera's own weight will balance itself, but depending on the situation, you can run it the correct way up, upside down, portrait, or even facing yourself. Get creative.

Don't follow their exact line, predict how they will ski. When filming all mountain hits, try to discuss where they are going to ski before you drop - if you know they are likely to turn in a few spots then hit a feature, try to predict where they will go and average out your line and just follow them with your camera - the less turns you do, the smoother your footage will be.

Rav Baskets can be used to get creative angles
Camera Tricks

Camera Settings

We've put together guide on camera settings as starting point to work from and fine tune your style. The right camera settings will take your shots from good and turn them into great.

CAMERA: GoPro hero 10
ISO: 100min - 400max
SHUTTER SPEED: 4 x Frame Rate

The faster the shutter speed, the better your camera can image stabilize, and the more crisp your image. If you run a slow shutter speed, then you can create a motion-blur effect. This adds depth to your video, and creates that classic high-speed look. We recommend using the polar pro ND filters on your camera if you are going to use this technique.

Apply Windex to your camera lens, or lick it before you drop in [weird, we know]. This will help stop snow from sticking to it if you get close to whoever you are following - especially important in warm, spring conditions.

If you are filming for Instagram/ reels, think about holding the pole in portrait mode. its an easier way to keep your subject in frame.

Follow cams are easy with the RAV baskets