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5 minute read | Dec 31, 2022

How to attach a GoPro to your ski pole, easily.

Filming in the mountains can be a pain in the backside, but it doesn't have to be.

If you’re here, you’ve probably been asking the same questions that we were - what is the best way to mount a GoPro to a ski pole? Is there a way that allows me to easily mount a a camera to my pole, follow-cam my crew, or a more subtle and convenient version of a self stick?

We hated carrying around a third stick for filming when we had two perfectly good ones already in our hands. Filling the pack or the pockets with gear that isn’t needed is every skiers pet peeve, so here is our guide to helping you get unreal footage of you and your crew in the mountains.


RAV Powder Baskets are the quickest, and easiest solution.

Looking for a way to mount a GoPro to your ski pole so that you don't have to carry around extra gear, or that awkward selfie stick? You're in luck, because the RAV system is the easiest way to attach a GoPro to your ski pole, and doesn’t add anything extra to your pole, pockets or pack that you don’t need.

Gone are the days of fumbling with awkward and time-consuming mounting systems. The Deorum Ski Co RAV system is simple to install, and is compatible with all GoPro style mounts and cameras. All you have to do is attach the RAV powder baskets to your ski poles, and you're ready to start filming.

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Easily swap who is filming, and who is skiing.

Not only is the RAV system easy to use, it's also incredibly convenient. With the ability to share a camera between your crew, you won't have to worry about carrying multiple cameras on the slopes. This means more time to focus on shredding the pow and less time fiddling with equipment.

The powder baskets have the GoPro mounting rails perfectly integrated. This allows you to quickly attach a GoPro, start filming, and remove the GoPro to carry on with your lap [or throwing it over to your friend so they can now film you] insanely fast.

The speed and ease of this, without any negative impacts on your pole’s performance, or weight, makes it the number one choice for anyone wanting to film 3rd person perspectives, or selfie, on the mountain.

Share a camera between your crew - easily swap who is filming, and who is skiing.

Watch the video on how to install your baskets, or head to our tips & tricks page for an install guide and further camera / video angle tips.

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Why film with a pole?

Filming with a pole, rather than just a camera in your hand has a few huge benefits. By making the camera further away from your body, you will get smoother footage, and more creative angles. As well as this, it helps you get that bit closer to whoever you are filming, and who doesn’t enjoy a juicy follow cam?

Key benefits:

  • Smoother footage
  • More creative angles [high + low perspectives, side views]
  • You can get closer to whoever you are filming
  • Easy group selfies on the chairlift when you’re rehydrating between spring park laps

RAV Baskets Cheatsheet

  • Easy to install on your ski poles. 
  • No extra clamps or gear hanging off of your pole, or in your pocket.
  • Lighten the pack - no extra gear means less weight.
  • Super durable in all conditions, no risk of moving parts breaking like a pole-clamp style mount.
  • No bolts or screw-in application, the GoPro style slide rails make attaching and removing the camera so easy, you can do it on the move.
  • Film anywhere on the mountain, without having to plan to drop your poles, or carry a selfie stick, just have your camera in your pocket.

Written By:
Ben Brough

Written By:
Ben Brough

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